Warehouse Ordering Platform (W.O.P.)

Warehouse Ordering Platform (W.O.P)

INEONS W.O.P provides food supply warehouses with a complete, easy-to-use app and website to let restaurants place orders with convenience, accuracy and efficiency.


  • Maximum convenience for restaurants in placing orders
  • Efficiency for warehouse in receiving and processing orders
  • Increased sales for warehouse
  • Reduced order mistakes
  • Improved inventory management


Restaurants use an app or website to place orders 24×7. With this app, restaurants can:

  • View items offered by warehouse
  • Select items and choose quantity
  • Send orders to warehouse
  • Receive real time updates (orders and items)
  • View order history
  • View other updates
  • View promotions

Warehouse uses a web dashboard and tablet to:

  • Receive notifications when there are new orders
  • View order details
  • Provide confirmations
  • Provide updates (orders and items)
  • Print pull-lists
  • View order history
  • View detailed usage reports to analyze item and order activities
  • Manage item list and details (description, price, images, categories, options, sources, etc.)
  • Add promotions & product updates
  • Send notifications to all restaurants