and let customers order their way.




That’s right. You keep 100%.

It’s tough enough to run a restaurant, keep customers happy, tables filled, employees motivated, quality consistent, supplies fresh daily, health inspectors satisfied, equipment functioning, vendors checked, landlord paid on time.

Yes, you deserve 100% of your receipts.

Features and Details

Branded Website

  • Your website with your own logo (linkable from your existing website or can be used as your primary website)
  • Online menu with unlimited categories, items, modifiers and options
  • Complete online ordering functionality
  • Online cart and payments (accepts all major credit cards)
  • Images uploadable from web and app
  • Gateway connected to your own merchant account
  • Secured with encryption technologies
  • Accelerated performance with cloud hosting

Branded Mobile App

  • Your mobile app with your own logo and home screen
  • Full menu as on your website
  • Complete mobile ordering functionality
  • Accept all credit cards through mobile payments
  • Customers can share images, save favorites and invite friends
  • Customers give private feedback to you
  • Secured with encryption technologies
  • Available on both IOS and Android

Web Dashboard

  • Web page to manage all activities
  • Powerful menu creation and editing
  • User management
  • Deals and Offers
  • Notifications: send deal alerts to all app users
  • Managing private feedback and user-uploaded photos
  • Order management
  • Fully secured with latest encryption technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

First, request a business account, then create your menu. That’s it! Your branded website and mobile app will automatically be created for you instantly. Once it’s connected to your merchant account, customers can start ordering directly from your restaurant.

Is it easy to use?

Absolutely! No coding or technical skills are required. Simply fill in the info and upload images for your dishes and you’re ready to go. You can see your website and mobile apps in just a few minutes.

Who else is using ineons?

Since the launch of the ineons platform earlier this year, we have successfully implemented our web and mobile ordering system for both independent and franchised restaurants in Northern California. Their services include sit-down with full menus, quick service, food and beverages.

How much does it cost?

We offer a very simple pricing structure. Your investment of a flat monthly amount (based on the current business activities) provides a peace of mind. You will get a website and a mobile app branded with your logo and images. It would have cost hundreds of thousands dollars to do this on your own to have all the features of ineons.

How are payments handled?

The ineons platform is connected to your merchant account via the authorize.net gateway (a leading gateway owned by Visa and used by 430,000 merchants with over 1 billion transactions and $149 billion processed every year). The platform will accept any credit cards currently approved by your merchant account.

Do we really keep 100%?

You keep 100% of all orders and receipts. All customer payments are deposited directly into your merchant account without any additional or hidden fees from us. There may be fees charged by your current merchant account and the authorize.net gateway.

How do we get support?

You get free online and phone support during the initial setup and ongoing operations. Use the online chat functionality to ask questions and get answers. If you need help setting up your menu, we assign a representative to work with you from start to finish for a one-time fee of $299.

What equipment do I need?

All you need is a tablet to receive your orders. Either an Android or iPad would work as your tablet. Just download our app, sign in and you’re ready to go. Use any laptops to manage the activities and the menu.