hot spot technology

The most exciting order management system forย  super busy restaurants is here. Maximum customer convenience & minimum staff headaches!

Queue Manager

Optimizes work and order flows for customers, servers and kitchen staff

Virtual Lines

Virtual line lengths and place-in-line indicators with time estimates

Changing Menus

Set a different menu for each day or week for specialty stores, food trucks

Group Ordering

Paying hosts share an order link with members to place requests

Multiple Alerts

Real time alerts, multiple statuses, SMS messages, emails, mobile app

Chat UI

Super friendly, high performance chat technology designed for mobile

About "Hot Spots"

If customers regularly face long waiting lines (online or off-line) when placing orders with you, congratulations, your restaurant is considered to be a “hot spot”.

While it is a good thing for your business, long waiting lines almost always result in customer frustrations, loss of business, and employee stress.ย 

Hot Spot technology helps restaurants manage work flow, set proper expectations, create a better customer experience and minimize staff stress and turnover.ย 


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