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Increase sales, reservations and catering opportunities with your phone

Turn the phone into an employee 24/7

Fully automated, easy-to-use, affordable phone solution providing virtual receptionist 24/7 for your restaurant. Professional phone answering at a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring an expensive human receptionist. Best of all, our solution works with any business phone system, so there’s no hardware or software installation required.

"Our phone orders still double or triple the online orders from our own website and all delivery guys combined. We kept missing dozen of calls everyday especially during rush hours. Took us a long time to find a solution. We're so happy now. The employees are thrilled."

boost SALES and customer service

If you could help customers fast both on the phone and in person, would sales increase? No more missed calls, no more stress picking up the phone during your restaurant rush. Great way to build your brand quickly by giving customers a consistent, professional first impression when they call in.

"This is a great service, it lessens our workload as everyone is already busy."

Increase reservations, online orders and catering

Your virtual phone receptionist is more than just an administrative assistant who simply forwards phone calls or takes messages. Eat.chat Voice tirelessly promotes catering, takes reservations and reminds customers of your online ordering website.

"We have increased table reservations for both restaurants by a lot. Before the new phone system it was never this many even though customers could have made reservations from our website. I guess customers are used to talking to us for reservations and other stuff."

Know what your customers want, even before they do.

Imagine a virtual receptionist who knows customers on a first name basis, lets them quickly reorder, tells them what’s new on the menu or if it’s happy hour, recommends dishes based on their preferences as well as offer specials! Eat.chat Voice will deliver messages with personality while keeping people engaged on the phone.

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Increase sales, reservations and catering opportunities with your restaurant phone


It has never been easier and cheaper to promote your restaurant with ineons digital service center. Grab everything, or just what you need.