Eat.chat MEGA

Who needs MEGA?

Eat.chat MEGA includes everything in EXPERT, and gives your restaurant the extra edge in customer experience – VOICE.

Why? You’ve been investing in building a beautiful website, adding online ordering and working diligently in posting on social media. All of these efforts are important to getting restaurant leads and turning them into customers. But what if you want more?

The phone is one powerful channel that can supplement your marketing strategy because it builds one-on-one relationships with customers, offers more ways to engage them and enables you to expand sales without increasing staffing costs. It’s also the easiest channel to upsell because of this.

When it comes to planning the right meal or making a reservation for that special occasion, people are more comfortable with speaking to restaurant staff than having to navigate a website. Many orders are still handled via the phone, and it is a massive channel for restaurants to focus on. Restaurants are missing out on opportunities with customers who choose to call in their orders. In actual words of a customer: “Ordering online takes longer, is impersonal, and actually costs more!”.

Is your restaurant struggling with a growing number of incoming calls, and it’s causing great frustration for both the customers and the staff? Or do you need to rev up your current website and online ordering? Turn your phone into an employee and a powerful marketing machine 24/7 with Eat.chat VOICE, and replace your basic website and online ordering with EXPERT, the most advanced, robust digital services in the industry today.

Eat.chat MEGA has all of the features in EXPERT and VOICE that tell customers you care while helping you promote dining in, catering and online ordering, all at a price you can afford. There’s no long-term commitment and MEGA is available as an affordable monthly subscription, so it won’t break the bank either.

Pay only $49 now

FOR NEW CLIENTS: set up your account with full features and pay only $49 for the first 30 days. Thereafter, choose monthly, quarterly or yearly payments for maximum savings.

Payments are processed securely by PayPal. You can also unsubscribe anytime through Paypal.

YEARLY ($99/mo)

Pay $49 first month then $99/mo (paid yearly)

QUARTERLY ($109/mo)

Pay $49 first month then $109/mo (paid quarterly)

MONTHLY ($119/mo)

Pay $49 first month then $119/mo

Want to pick your own plan?

If the above bundles don’t quite fit what you need, consider these individual technologies and services:

  • PLATTER PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE (PRO without the ordering functionality): $19/month Subscribe
  • VOICE & TEXT: $39 first month then $79/month Subscribe
  • TEXT: $19 first month then $29/month Subscribe


It has never been easier and cheaper to promote your restaurant with ineons digital service center. Grab everything, or just what you need.