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  • Live chat ordering i
  • Staffed with experienced agents i
  • Live support for your customers during peak times i
  • Platinum social marketing services i
  • Custom posts on Instagram & Facebook i
  • Custom graphics & videos i
  • No long-term contract i

Who needs ULTIMATE?

Eat.chat ULTIMATE includes everything in MEGA, and provides you with the most complete restaurant marketing and ordering services available – regular social media posting and live chat ordering with trained agents.

Why? No restaurant marketing can be complete without a solid social media presence in today’s extremely competitive food service industry. You not only have to compete with nearby restaurants, you also have to fight with the delivery companies, all of whom with deep pockets to get your customers to switch to their platforms and thus become their customers. Yet many small restaurant owners are thriving with zero ads and able to build a huge online customer base out of their Instagram and Facebook channels.

In addition to building your own online audience, you want to make it super easy for them to do business with you anytime anywhere.

Introduce your restaurant to a new level of online customer service with our live chat ordering services. We give you the ability to turn around customer inquiries quickly without having to hire an expensive team of paid agents. Have more time for cooking! Our trained agents can answer common inquiries and provide information about your menu, locations, services, and take orders via live chat then send them to your tablet. Is your restaurant struggling with a growing number of orders at peak times, and itโ€™s causing great frustration for both the customers and the staff? Be one of the first restaurants in your area to provide professional, yet friendly live chats for your customers during the rush.

Eat.chat ULTIMATE has all of the features that tell customers you care while building your brand as one of the most advanced and progressive restaurants, all at a price you can afford. There’s no long-term commitment and ULTIMATE is available as an affordable monthly subscription, so it won’t break the bank either.

Pay only $79 now

FOR NEW CLIENTS: set up your account with full features and pay only $79 for the first month. Thereafter, choose monthly, quarterly or yearly payments for maximum savings.

Payments are processed securely by PayPal. You can also unsubscribe anytime through Paypal.7

YEARLY ($149/mo)

Pay $79 first month then $149/mo (paid yearly)

QUARTERLY ($159/mo)

Pay $79 first month then $159/mo (paid quarterly)

MONTHLY ($179/mo)

Pay $79 first month then $179/mo (paid monthly)

Want to pick your own plan?

If the above bundles don’t quite fit what you need, consider these individual technologies and services:

  • PLATTER PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE (PRO without the ordering functionality): $19/month Subscribe
  • VOICE & TEXT: $39 first month then $79/month Subscribe
  • TEXT: $19 first month then $29/month Subscribe


It has never been easier and cheaper to promote your restaurant with ineons digital service center. Grab everything, or just what you need.