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Drive-up is the New Delivery

Food delivery services while popular are showing serious shortcomingsย  for both customers and restaurants.

Customers want the convenience of ordering their next meals, and personally getting them instead of through a third party. The pandemic has accelerated the new habits of not entering public places.

Who says?

Chipotle projects 40% of their orders will be digital after the pandemic, while Starbucks is experiencing 90% are mobile orders and drive-through. Both are investing heavily in the new on-the-go experience for customers.

Welcome to the new Drive-up experience

Customers are willing to make a quick stop to pick up their next meal to avoid delays, additional costs and risks of the foods being handled by a third person – provided they get an outstanding experience from beginning to end.

An increase in drive-thru usage may not come as a surprise. When the pandemic began proliferating across the country in March and April, the drive-thru was one of the few options available to access restaurant food.

Still, this added volume at the drive-thru can add to wait times, and the Bluedot report shows that a majority (81%) of consumers believe that waiting more than 10 minutes at the drive-thru is too long. Some chains have tried to alleviate this pressure by adding curbside pickup service, or drive-up.

Fortunately restaurants can quickly and inexpensively step up to provide an exciting new drive-up service that can potentially help them survive and even grow in the new normal.

They will first need to prioritize the preparation of drive-up orders in the kitchen, and use the proper technology to deliver an Amazon-like experience to customers.

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