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Add a new kiosk for your restaurant

Whether you have one location or 100, you will want to open a kiosk on the world’s first online foodcourt – for free.

What is Eat.chat?

It is a virtual foodcourt experience aimed to connect local restaurants with their customers and communities.


Eating out should be a local and fun experience. Whether it’s dine-in or take-out, deciding on your next meal can be stressful, and need not be reduced to filling out an order form with a national middleman.


Sure. Browse around, walk up to the counter, read the restaurant profile, see simple menus and attractive food displays, meet the local staff or owner, get recommendations, and order your food first-hand from the restaurant.


Try the world’s friendliest automated chats to order food. Get personalized services. Of course, eating is always more fun with friends. Invite them and browse together.

What about my restaurants?

Join us and open an Eat.chat kiosk. Meet and build relationships with local customers. Take orders instantly and much more using the world’s friendliest automated chats.


It’s super easy. Simply add your location and your top sellers. Your attractive restaurant kiosk will be ready to take orders in 15 minutes.

Already have a website?

Nice. Customers will have more ways to order from you. Don’t have your own online ordering?  Add your branded kiosk right inside your website. Let customers do business directly there – without sending them away to third-party ordering or anywhere else.

Don’t have a website?

No problem. The Eat.chat kiosk also gives you a complete branded website and mobile app ordering to offer to your customers. More ways for them to find you online.

Just online ordering?

Well, we think your customers want more than that. How about e-coupons, curbside pickups, delivery software, loyalty rewards, AI-based recommendations, automated personalized emails, group orders, VIP recognition, private feedback, place-in-line notifications? Most importantly it is your own. You keep the customer data, 100% of it.

Ok, how much?

Ok, since it’s so easy to do it yourself – after all it is your own store – there are no setup fees, no monthly subscriptions, no commissions. We want to help small restaurants connect with their customers directly.


Ready? Customers are waiting inside. Let’s see how easy it is to do business online. Don’t worry we’ll be around to help 24×7.

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