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Marketing your new online brands

Creating a new concept or virtual restaurant or online brand, regardless of what you call it, goes beyond just posting the menu on the giant platforms.

That is if you want to boost the direct orders to boost profits and ensure the long-term growth of your new cloud kitchen.

Create a separate online presence for each concept

At a minimum, a virtual restaurant starts with its own website and menu that customers can order from. For online directory, you will also need to add a separate listing on Google and Yelp. For social, add a listing on Instagram and Facebook with some food photos to start.

Get a separate phone number

Customers still love to call and that’s a fact. They want to feel connected to the place they get foods from. You don’t need to get multiple land lines in your already crowded cloud kitchen. Use the right phone service and obtain multiple numbers that are routed to the main number. List each phone number on each website and the online directories above.

Prepare flyers and to-go menus

Each flyer and to-go menu will have the ordering website and phone number for each concept. Put them in the delivery bags that go to customers who order through the third-party platforms.

Use custom labels on each packaged dish

A custom label would have the following:

  • Customer name
  • What they order, with customizations
  • Name of the business (concept)
  • Direct ordering website
  • Phone number

Follow-up emails

Your ordering services should provide automated emails for each order such as:

  • Order receipt
  • Status notifications
  • Survey
  • Promotions
With the right technologies and tools, all of the above tasks can be achieved with little manual work from your staff.


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